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Feb 23rd Instant setup now available on Melbourne TeamSpeak 3 servers

Rounding off our TeamSpeak offerings we today made instant provisioning available at the Melbourne location.We tried to hold off as long as possible on the Melbourne servers due to some exciting news that will follow later today about a network upgrade however after several expressions of interest we decided to allow the auto ... Read More »

Feb 9th Instant setup now available on Brisbane Teamspeak 3 servers

Today we added the Brisbane servers to the list of instant provisioned TeamSpeak 3 servers (previously only Sydney).Of course if you have your heart set on a Melbourne based server they are also available however we are still manually provisioning them at this stage in order to try and lean people towards whether the larger bulk of our TeamSpeak 3 ... Read More »

Feb 1st is now an Authorised Teamspeak 3 provider

After going through the Authorised TeamSpeak Hosting Provider application process and then running initial testing on the newly brought online servers (specifically for TeamSpeak 3) we are now pleased to announce that we can offer Australian based TeamSpeak 3 Servers. Initially instant setup will be available from our Sydney DC and manual ... Read More »

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