Dev License: This installation of WHMCS is running under a Development License and is not authorized to be used for production use. Please report any cases of abuse to
We will spin up a new XEN based virtual server with
10GB of SSD storage
512MB of Ram
100GB of Bandwidth
We will also preinstall the latest version of TeamSpeak 3 along with scripts to ensure your TeamSpeak Server is always running as well as automatically restarts if you reboot the server.

All of the initial Linux setup is done for you.
You will have full control over your server to set it up however you wish.
The Unlicensed (run your own) Server capacity is 32 Slots.
With tools like YATQA you may take snapshots or edit ANY of your servers configuration whenever you wish.
Your own IP address means you won't be punished for Large Denial of Service attacks on another clients Server.

To increase to larger slots will require registering as a not for profit (if you meet the TeamSpeak licensing requirements) or switching back to our Licensed servers.
We do not maintain the TeamSpeak servers for you, our support team will provide advice and help how we can, although the licensing agreement with TeamSpeak forbids us from charging for unlicensed servers, you are paying us for the Virtual Server NOT the TeamSpeak Server.
Setup is not instant, it may take up to 24 hours for your server to be fully built and tested.

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