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Company X is offering services for $Y why aren't you?

Their are many reasons why prices differ to vastly across the internet however some very important things to consider are:

At Techsmith we NEVER oversell our services, we don't cross our fingers and gamble that our clients won't use what we have promised to allocate them.
Not only does this mean you will always be able to receive the service you pay for but also, generally, as a majority of our clients don't "max" their account every month it means our servers are never overloaded.

Our services are also primarily designed for the Australian market or those wishing to supply traffic to an Australian audience. Their are many cheap overseas servers available however higher latency to Australia and dropout due to "in the middle" routing issues tend to be more common.

We are however always willing to take a look at what you have been offered elsewhere and see if we can custom tailor something to suit your needs, simply send what you are currently thinking about using (or currently using) to our Sales Team and we will tailor a quote for you within 24hr, we can even manage the migration for you if required.

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