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How do I create a snapshot of my teamspeak server?

Let's discover how to create a snapshot of your teamspeak server.

This tutorial requires that you have already logged in to the Client Area.

1) Click the word View to the right of Products/Services:

2) Click on View Details next to the teamspeak service you wish to edit.

3) Click on the Snapshots tab and then on the Create button.

4) You will then get a confirmation message that the action was successful.

That's it! A new snapshot has been created.

Snapshots allow you to be a bit more "creative" with your changes knowing you have a saved snapshot to fall back on.

Snapshots are also great if you share some or all admin rights with people you don't fully know or trust, in the event they make unauthorised changes you can revert back to a snapshot and remove their access.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create a teamspeak server snapshot from within the Techsmith client area.

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